Liverpool Feasibility Study Published

Our Liverpool mindfulness course finally got published in BMC Pilot and Feasibility studies journal this April. Huge thanks go to Maria Panagioti from the University of Manchester, as well as to co-author Liz Cotzias. Mindfulness intervention for foundation year doctors: a feasibility study PDF Our modest study reported reduction in stress levels after a 6-week mindfulness course run by Breathworks at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. … Continue reading Liverpool Feasibility Study Published

Managing Sleep During Night Shifts

As the nights draw in we are all more prone to the effects of decreased daylight hours, and the effect that this can have on our mood, sleep and health. The BMJ published a useful article earlier this year which explored the evidence for various myths around optimising sleep and circadian rhythm. Quality of evidence around this topic is low, but there are some very … Continue reading Managing Sleep During Night Shifts

Meet the Foundation Doctor: Bill

Background Current Role British doctor working in South Africa. F3 Foundation Training Trust  Liverpool Where are you from? Born in New Zealand and raised in Portsmouth on the south coast of England. Background prior to medicine School, college and then studied Medicine as an undergraduate at Liverpool University. Did you experience any work or wellbeing difficulties during F1/F2?  The usual stresses and strains of working in a city … Continue reading Meet the Foundation Doctor: Bill