Oxford Mindfulness Centre MBCT App

*This app had previously only been available for iPhone, until they also released a web version so you can also login and access all the same features.


Android Web Version: https://mbctapp.oxfordmindfulness.org

Iphone App: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/oxford-mbct/id1138671591

I recently rediscovered this app on one of my Iphone home pages but never really explored it until……

I found a great section where there are some guided meditations 10, 20, 30 and 40 minutes. After doing a lot of self-directed mindfulness practices at home, I found that I wasn’t feeling that sense of direction that you get when you are in a class with a real teacher.

The guidance from Mark Williams is clear, gentle but very precise.

Another great feature is the practice journal, where you can write a few notes to come back to if anything comes up that you want to note down.

The ‘Deepening Practice’ section also provides a whole host of extra themes to explore including themes of compassion, mind/body and reacting.

Feel: 8/10
Features: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

A great all round app, intended to support an 8-week MBCT course but with enough features to act as a stand alone app too.


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