Free 4-Week Online Course (1st Oct)

This is a great online course that I have fully tested last year. So glad to see that it is rolling on. It is free to sign up and you can tackle each of the 4 weeks at your own pace, coming together for the weekly sum up of responses from participants all around the world.

The course is run from Monash University run by Craig Hassad an Australian GP who has successfully implemented mindfulness into the medical curriculum there, as well as developing the mindfulness programme which extends to many other degrees and areas of the University.

I really can’t rate it enough, given that it is a free course and stays true to the principles of mindfulness practice. The author is a well known mindfulness teacher who has developed something really novel and far-reaching here.

  • 4 Week Online Course
  • Free
  • Weekly videos based on participant feedback

Sign up Here for the course starting 1st October 2018:

See also the Follow-On Course due to start 12th November 2018:
(I will be participating for the first time too)

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