Insight Timer App

Back when I first downloaded this app it was just a simple timer with very few features in the free version. However I recently downloaded and updated this app on my new Android phone and had to share what a great app it has become.

Guided Meditations

Personally I used to find guided meditations quite annoying, finding myself listening to a variety of different ‘experts’ taking me through a practice, when really I wanted to go at my own pace. However I believe this is more to do with the specific teachers as opposed to guided meditations in general. I have now changed my opinion and would say that they have a really good value in getting you to practice when you’re feeling quite distracted and unable to concentrate. If I am particularly stressed and do a self-guided meditation, I often end up ruminating and getting lost in my thoughts more easily. However if I listen to someone else’s set guidance voice then I find it much easier to stay focused and engaged. This app boasts over 12 000 free guided meditations from a variety of sources so try some out so see what you think.

They are grouped into:

  • Meditations
  • Music
  • Talks
  • Sleep
  • Love
  • Stress

with plenty more specific tags such as Wellbeing, Relationships and Pain that you can explore. I have found that some just weren’t suited for me for a number of reasons so don’t get disheartened, and just keeping trying new ones.

Journal & Log Feature

Now this is my favourite features of this app, and makes it stand out from the rest of the market. If you are working on a regular meditation practice, or considering teacher training then it is important that you keep a personal log of your practice, and to be able to reflect on your practice. On a personal level I find that having an app that tracks ‘consecutive days meditated’, is a huge motivational factor to keep on going with my daily practice. This is just the way that I am wired and would squeeze in  meditation just so that I don’t lose my meditation streak! After any meditation you’ll get automatic prompts to make a journal entry immediately after a practice. Many of us are told to reflect as part of our professional development and meditation is a very natural personal reflective practice. During the practice you are monitoring your own mind and where it goes, and so this journal feature gives you a chance to keep a log of all this hard work that you are putting into yourself. There is a button that supposedly lets you export this log, to add to a portfolio however this has not been working for me.

Feel: 7/10
Features: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

Newly revamped and packed with features. Hundreds of open-source guided meditations but the automatic journal entry prompt is a stand out feature.

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