Liverpool Feasibility Study Published

Our Liverpool mindfulness course finally got published in BMC Pilot and Feasibility studies journal this April. Huge thanks go to Maria Panagioti from the University of Manchester, as well as to co-author Liz Cotzias.

Mindfulness intervention for foundation year doctors: a feasibility study


Our modest study reported reduction in stress levels after a 6-week mindfulness course run by Breathworks at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Additional measures suggested that the intervention may be associated with some other potential promising benefits for doctors including greater wellbeing, improved working life, and more satisfactory relationships with patients. This is the first programme of research to evaluate the feasibility of trialing and implementing a modified ‘Mindfulness in the Workplace’ intervention for foundation junior doctors in the UK. Crucially, this helps pave the way for further work in the North West – making a case for more mindfulness interventions to be offered to Foundation Doctors.

Initial responses to the publication have highlighted the need for institutional changes to go alongside such interventions. In such times of poor doctor morale, rota gaps and high levels of burnout, working on individual resilience can only go so far to address larger problems. However, such concerns should not hinder individual junior doctors from pursuing anything that helps improve wellbeing and improve resilience. Rather we should always consider both individual and institutional factors when reflecting on junior doctor’s working lives


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