NW Project


A pilot mindfulness course was run at the Royal Liverpool hospital for 20 FY trainees in Nov 2017 with promising feedback suggesting changes to stress levels, well being and relationships with patients. Findings are being written up and will be made available here soon.

We presented these findings to the NW Foundation School and subsequently Professor Paul Baker (Postgraduate Deputy Dean) has agreed to support a further roll out of mindfulness courses and resources in the North West 2018-2019, in the form of a Quality Improvement Project.


  • To see if mindfulness can benefit junior doctors.
  • Increase awareness of available mindfulness resources, evidence and literature.


Intervention: The package of mindfulness we will be testing is the 4 week Mindfulness, Resilience and Effectiveness (MRE) course developed by Dr Paul Flaxman from City University. It is designed around Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a branch of Mindfulness focused on values of acceptance. See Here for more information about this course.

Population: FY1 and FY2 doctors. The project is novel in delivering a mindfulness course specifically to a population of junior doctors.

Location: The 6 Following Trusts will be delivering the course this year, although we are in the process of training more teachers to deliver courses to more trusts next year.

  1. Royal Liverpool
  2. Aintree
  3. Manchester
  4. Pennine Care/Acute (Mindfulness & Resiliance course run by Dr Olety)
  5. Morecambe Bay
  6. Lancashire Teaching hospitals

Measures: We will be sending out electronic evaluation surveys before, after and at 3-6 months to assess the response to the mindfulness course.

Want to take part?

You will be able to sign up to a course soon, more information to follow soon.

We need your help

We are in need of a few mindfulness champions at each trust to help co-ordinate dates for a mindfulness taster, as well as help book rooms and take a register for the 4 week course.

Why become a mindfulness champion?

  • You get to be involved with a QIP which counts towards your ePortfolios.
  • Opportunity to write up findings and present at conferences (RLH Pilot presented at an international conference this year.
  • Work collaborative with like-minded trainees who really want to try and improve junior doctor wellbeing.

This is a really exciting time for this project with lots of potential to expand into a meaningful and useful resource for junior doctors. To register your interest please email christopherbu@doctors.org.uk or submit a message with an expression of interest.