About me

My name is Chris Bu and I am a junior doctor, having just finished my Foundation training in Liverpool. I studied at UCL and grew up in Abergavenny, South Wales.

Why Mindfulness?

I am from a Burmese Buddhist family growing up in the UK and mindfulness is something that has stayed with me since childhood. When medical school got stressful I found myself using mindfulness as a framework for watching my own stress and behaviour. Then the transition from student to FY doctor proved even more challenging and I knew I wasn’t the only one suffering. Generations of doctors have all gone through this process but can we start to change the culture around junior doctor well being? Could mindfulness help us to reflect on our own busy minds, reduce stress and burnout? Perhaps even helps us to flourish as people and start rediscovering enjoyment from our daily lives.

‘Mindful Doctors’

This project has been set up for doctors, by doctors and the aim is see how mindfulness might be able to help junior doctors in training. This website features current news, evidence and resources around wellbeing and mindfulness that you might find useful.



Any views, opinions and reviews of the author are shared in an attempt to raise awareness and profile of mindfulness activity and resources. Attempts are made not to be prescriptive, and the aim is just to highlight resources that might work for you.

Join the team!

We are also hoping to create a community of doctors who are keen keep challenging this culture of stress. Get in touch if you would like to get involved with the project